is an artist, educator, and organizer who problematizes old and new media structures, interfaces, and conventions. He is a kludge artist and a creative problem creator. By day, he fixes things, interviews folks, and creates digital tools at studiothread. By night, he breaks things in search of the unique blips inherent to the systems we use.

Satrom performs realtime audio/video noise and new-media (often w/ XTAL FSCK, I ♥ PRESETS, & Magic Missile), develops artware (in partnership w/ PoxParty), and has co-programed and experimented with organizational and curatorial systems w/ dirty new-media && glitch comrades (including GLI.TC/H && r4wb1t5!.)

He has performed, workshopped, and lectured across spaceship earth (at places like: STEIM, Amsterdam NL; musicacoustica, Beijing CN; transmediale, Berlin DE; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago US; Centro Multimedia, Mexico City MX; SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX US ). His works have been experienced and featured within white cubes, glowing rectangles, ( 65GRAND, Chicago IL US; Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder CO US; MU Eindhoven NL; NUMA, Paris FR; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul KR; and SUDLAB, Naples IT; ) and dead trees ( GLI.TC/H READE[R0R]; Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking; Interface cultures: Artistic Aspects of Interaction; Mobile Digital Art: Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools and The Art and Science of Interface and Interaction Design). He feels a bit weird having to list these accomplishments (more here) and would rather interface with you directly. Satrom also finds it strange to write in third person...

Yeeeoeoeooooooo... I was recently interviewed by Regine Debatty of the excellent Technology, Arts, and Culture blog "We Make Money Not Art": Conversation with a Bug Maker and Tamer

Thursday, January 21
200 Visual Arts Building , DeKalb, IL 60115 USA
Thursday, January 21

The artistic process is one of iteration, where the artist continually revisits the work to reflect and refine.

This recursive process can manifest itself in the formal and conceptual qualities of the artwork itself, producing works that embody, parallel and explore the patterns of artistic perception and creation.

NIU’s Jack Olson Gallery will explore those themes this spring with “Pattern Recognition,” an exhibition open from Friday, Jan. 22, through Thursday, March 3. An opening reception is planned from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21; Jon Satrom’s video performance is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Curated by Nina Rizzo and Steven Ciampaglia, the exhibition also showcases Samantha Bittman’s pattern textiles; installations by Lindsey French and Kelly Kaczynski; Steve Germana’s digital music composition; Mike Glier’s abstract landscape paintings on aluminum panel; and William J. O’Brien’s geometric pencil drawings.

200 Visual Arts Building , DeKalb, IL 60115 USA
Thursday, February 4, 6:00 p.m.
This program considers the technologies of moving images and their reverberating influence on contemporary life. In Jane Veeder’s (MFA 1977) trailblazing 1982 computer animation Montana, stylized mountain peaks and erosion patterns dance with symbols of the technological age. Louis Hock’s (MFA 1973) Silent Reversal (1976) derails cinematic conventions while drawing comparisons between the mechanics of projection and transportation. Jon Satrom (BFA 2003) exploits the fallibilities of analogue and digital data storage devices in his multimedia performance MicroMonotaur. Nick Briz (BFA 2009) breaks down the structure of paid influence and teaches us How to/Why to Leave Facebook (2014). Deborah Stratman’s (BFA 1990) Hacked Circuit peels back the layers of fabrication inherent in movie-making, sound recording, and aural perception through an astonishing single-shot portrait of the Foley process. Jenny Perlin’s (MFA 1998) quietly unnerving Transcript reveals the reach of Cold War surveillance by using the transcript of a 1953 dinner party—which had been recorded (and augmented) by an FBI informant charged with tracking people tangentially related to the case of Juilus and Ethel Rosenberg—as its script. Jodie Mack’s (MFA 2007) exquisite Posthaste Perennial Pattern (2010) animates woven florals to bridge design and nature. Arcade (1984) by pioneering video artists Lyn Blumenthal (MFA 1978) and Carole Ann Klonarides’s Arcade (1984), is a pop-montage of recycled television images, flashing graphics, and surveillance-like footage. Multiple formats.
164 N. State Street , Chicago, IL 60601 USA
Tueday, February 16
37 South Wabash , Chicago, IL 60601 USA
Thursday, February 19, 7:00 p.m.
Jon Satrom and Jason Soliday will be the featured performers at: Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference themed "In Process" with keynote speaker Dr. Levi Bryant.
FB event 2541 N Bremen St , Milwaukee, WI 53212 USA
Friday, March 4
1511 University Ave. , Boulder, CO 80309 USA
Saturday, March 26
Jon Satrom, KG Price, and Mike Benedict will be performing an evening of experimental noise.
2313 N Milwaukee Ave , Chicago, IL 60647 USA
Friday, March 1
Founded by filmmaker Bruce Baillie in 1961, San Francisco Cinematheque is the Bay Area’s premier venue for avant-garde/experimental, underground and personally expressive film and video work. In our steadfast dedication to exhibiting works of aesthetically radical cinema from all historical eras and geo-political locales, San Francisco Cinematheque celebrates the breadth and depth of this vibrant art form in all its myriad expressivities.
55 Taylor Street , San Francisco, CA 94102 USA
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Prepaired Desktop Realtime Performance flashing sound
Prepaired Desktop Realtime Performance flashing sound
crumbarf 2013
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Satromizer 2006
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Windows Rainbows & Dinos 2010
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Welcome To Heartbreak Directed by: Satrom 2010
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The Internet is a series of Diamonds 2013
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Magick Missile 2009
Audio/Video Noise Music Collaboration w/ Jason Soliday & Geoff Guy flashing sound
Storm Cloud Computing 2013 Installation for Click Gallery flashing sound
(A) r4wb1t5! 2005-2007
microFest(s) Dirty New Media Collaboration w/ jonCates, Arcangel Constantini, Jake Elliott, Amanda Gutiérrez, Juanjose Rivas Jason Soliday & Others flashing sound
vopnospur 2006
video Frame by Frame Scripted Animation flashing sound
Magic Matrix Mixer Moutain 2009
Realtime Performance LAMPO Collaboration w/ Mark Beasley, jonCates, Alex Inglizian, Tamas Kemenczy & Nicholas O’Brien flashing sound
Too Many Cats 2010
Art Game Documentation flashing sound
ASCII Installation flashing sound
Yuppster Video 2003
8bit Video & Interactive Remix App for Yuppster flashing sound
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Hardware Hacked Video Instrument for Realtime Performance flashing sound
lndsqrps 2005
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kolobokz 2001
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