DIMENSIONS: expandable/variable
MATERIALS: QuickTime 7
YEAR: 2011
PRICE: FREE; Instructions, TXT, & download available (here)

QTzrk was created for the Filtering Failure show at PLANET ART in Amsterdam. I utilized a QuickTime technique that will soon be rendered dead by QuickTime X

Filtering Failure investigates (the connections between) the procedural terms ‘filtering’ and ‘failure’ and how in (lo-fi) digital arts these terms are being re-invented and re-used. The exhibition asks how Filtering and Failure co-exist; and how these processes influence each other.

The exhibition includes new and older works from the avant-garde of glitch artists. These works show the filtering of failure as a generative process, but also to unfold a genre that includes many the different envelopes of personal ways of dealing with failure.

Please download and enjoy the "QTlets" used in QTzrk.

movie 56.6 MB

shark_pile 7.3 MB

window_pile 7.3 MB