I was discussing "information" with Erin Nixon and Patrick Boblin of Noble & Superior Projects; I showed them (2008) We immediatly began a game of GOOGLE:TRENDING stuff (it's addictive, trust me) I find it such an interesting system. It's open and benign, per Google's "Do no harm" mission; but, as a system, it makes visable what's possible with forgotten search data. Here's an interesting Flu Trend tool by Google: It works simply by logging people's searches for flu symptoms and remidies. Imagine the potential for deeper diving... JONSATROM:TRENDS is a physical manifistation of a playful exploration of the Google Trends system.

April 2-May 4, 2010
Noble & Superior Projects
1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Opening Reception: Friday, April 2, 2010 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition TWINFORMATION, opening Friday, April 2, featuring the work of Eric Veit and Jon Satrom.

Eric Veit's installation COMMUNAL LIVING features new digital paintings, abstract sculpture and light installation combined to investigate the complexity of human relationships, specifically his interest in the "poetic beauty" of conjoined twins. Veit explores concepts outside of the restrictions of media specificity in order to create complex and wide ranging installations that transform the gallery into a sublime territory.

Eric Veit currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. After showing extensively in the northeast, Veit is premiering his newest body of work in Chicago. Veit received his B.A. from Hampshire College in 2008 and attended the Yale Summer School of Music and Art in 2007.

Jon Satrom's TRENDS is a collection of images generated from inquiries using the data platform Google Trends. These often humorous and seemingly innocuous queries reveal more about the environment of ubiquitous databases than one might initially infer. Satroms work consistently illustrates the innumerable possibilities and faults of digital media, positioning both user and viewer to be enveloped by the infinite body of knowledge found in contemporary information systems.

Jon Satrom is an artist and educator based in Chicago. Satrom currently serves as faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in addition to running his production studio, Studio Thread, and performing live with the media collective I ♥ PRESETS.

Noble & Superior Projects is a contemporary art gallery featuring emerging and established artists who challenge the boundaries of their medium. We are devoted to juxtaposing works of art in reproducible media with works that highlight the irreproducibility of experience. Co-Curators Patrick Bobilin and Erin Nixon employ their combined experience and expertise to create unique interactions with innovative and accessible media.

Patrick Bobilin has exhibited internationally and has worked for galleries in NY, Berlin, and Massachusetts. Erin Nixon has worked as an arts administrator and educator for nonprofit galleries and museums in the Midwest.

Noble & Superior Projects
1418 W. Superior St., Chicago, IL